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1. What is the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) scheme?
2. What’s ‘qualifying expenditure’?
3. What type of works qualify?
4. What type of works don’t qualify?
5. What type of home qualifies?
6. What type of home doesn’t qualify?
7. When do the works have to be carried out?
8. How much qualifies for the HRI tax credit?
9. How should I choose a Contractor?
10. What’s a ‘Qualifying Contractor’ under the HRI?
11. How can I ensure that the Contractor qualifies under the HRI before the work starts?
12. How can I prove I paid for works?
13. What should I give to my (HRI) Contractor?
14. What does my Contractor have to do when the electronic HRI system is available?
15. What should I do when the electronic HRI system is introduced in early April 2014?
16. How much is the tax credit?
17. How do I make my claim?
18. How will I receive my tax credit?
19. What should I do with the copies of the documents I have kept as proof?

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